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Gisha Gopinath's Recipes
Living At : Kottayam,  India
Submitted Recipes : 68
Grape Wine
Any time drink, esp for Christmas. The use of wine in religious ceremonies is common to many cultures and regions.
SUBMITTED ON : 08 Nov 2010
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Mixed Vegetable stew
A wonderful curry to go with appams and dosas.
SUBMITTED ON : 02 Feb 2009
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Vella Appam(Kallappam)
Yummy appams, for easter and christmas
SUBMITTED ON : 29 Jun 2009
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Pesaha(Indri) Appam
Maundy Thursday is the Christian feast or holy day falling on the Thursday before Easter that commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles.This appam is made only on Maundy Thursday.
SUBMITTED ON : 14 Jul 2009
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Palak puri with Chole
A different breakfast
SUBMITTED ON : 06 Oct 2010
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Pulisery Recipe
Delicious and simple recipe. A must for Onam food.
SUBMITTED ON : 19 Mar 2009
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A sweet made with rice flour, plantain and molasses, fried in special containers just for the purpose. It is one of consecrated food stuff in some of the temples of Kerala.
SUBMITTED ON : 30 Mar 2009
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Ney Payasam
A sweet dessert for Onam...Simple to make..even kids can try
SUBMITTED ON : 20 Aug 2009
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Spicy Chicken Curry
Simple and Tastes great!!
SUBMITTED ON : 02 Feb 2009
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A miscellaneous variety of vegetables and some Bengal gram without tamarind.
SUBMITTED ON : 20 Aug 2009
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Spicy rice balls
SUBMITTED ON : 13 May 2009
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Homemade Ice Cream Recipe
Classic Homemade Chocolate Homemade ice cream recipe
SUBMITTED ON : 05 May 2009
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Vellarika Kichadi Recipe
A Special Onam side dish
SUBMITTED ON : 03 Feb 2009
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Milk Appam
Very very soft Appams
SUBMITTED ON : 12 May 2009
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Uzhunnu vadai
scrumptious and finger licking.
SUBMITTED ON : 05 Jan 2009
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